Tom Whitaker – Employee of the Quarter

Tom Whitaker (pictured on the left with Don Holmes, OPFOR Branch Head), a Marine Corps Analyst with the OPFOR Branch of the MAGTF Staff Training Program (MSTP) in Quantico, VA has been recognized for his contributions to the success and reputation of Mobius and was selected as the Mobius Employee of the Quarter for the Second Quarter of 2010 at a ceremony held in Quantico in September.

Tom joined the Mobius team in July of 2009 and has since worked on a variety of events and exercises with MSTP. In his current capacity, Tom works on a daily basis with the OPFOR Branch where he supports MEF Rehearsal Exercises (MRX Events). Tom’s level of effort over the last quarter was notable for his outstanding support provided for the Senior Enlisted Professional Military Education (SEPME) Course 2-10. Early in the planning for SEPME 2-10, the Lead Contractor became unable to continue in that capacity and Tom stepped in and took over his duties and became the Lead Contractor for the duration of the event. In the process of providing support to SEPME, Tom was tasked with bringing together several different MSTP Team Members (Contractors) to provide “cradle to grave” event support which included: coordination of workspace, classroom set-up, preparation of student read-ahead materials, preparation and facilitation of the Student Operational Planning Team (OPT), computer support and C2PC expertise, and clean-up and archive of all course materials.

Tom’s repeated displays of top performance related to the SEPME event, coupled with Mobius’ desire to retain him in the same capacity as Lead Contractor for these events is testament to his individual and organizational integrity. Tom continues to be an integral member of the MSTP and the Mobius team.

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