The Mobius Business Management Team has experience in all the functional areas required to operate your new or growing business. We offer you the dedicated resources that can creatively attack the specific issues freeing up your time for the day to day running of your business. Our team of diverse professionals can help you: establish your management infrastructure, develop a strategic vision and plan, manage your portfolio, build operating plans, assess current management team strengths and weaknesses, manage your finances, prepare for audits, design and implement IT and communications systems, develop sales and marketing strategies, and recruit executives and employees.

Our Business Management services include:

  • Financial Management: 20 years experience in financial analysis, budgeting, cash flow and cost analysis, activity based costing, business ratios, financial crisis management, financial projections and modeling, strategic and financial planning and asset management and control.
  • Sales and Marketing: 35 years experience in sales and marketing for companies including Fortune 500 organizations. Extensive sales management, strategic and tactical sales planning, and complete marketing services including multi-media production support.
  • Procurement/Supply Chain: 28 years experience in procurement and supply chain management. Expertise in 100% inventory support, set up of PO systems and procedures, asset tracking, ROI reviews and lease versus buy analysis.
  • Operations: 50 years experience in leading operations teams in challenging work environments. We specialize in team building, production management, operational reviews, Lean Manufacturing, organization development, trouble shooting, cost optimization and leadership development.
  • Quality Assurance: 15 years experience in developing a quality culture in fast growing manufacturing environments utilizing a Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy.
  • IT Management: 20 years experience in web site design, IT procurement solutions, data base solutions, vulnerability testing, developing computer systems and networks, systems analysis and dedicated server support.
  • Human Resources: 20 years experience in general human resources management, safety, recruiting and training program development and implementation, personnel policies and procedures, management assessment and development, performance management, and team building.