My Journey with Mobius

When I applied for a Cultural Role Player position at Mobius Industries, I was hopeful but unsure I would be offered a job. In January 2013, I got a call from Humaira, a team lead at Ft. Polk, who offered me a place on the next rotation, which would be starting in just a few days. I was excited to get the news, until I realized that my citizenship ceremony fell on a day during the rotation. I had been looking forward to my citizenship ceremony and it was incredibly important to me, but so was the opportunity to work for Mobius. I asked Humaira if it was possible for me to attend both: to work the rotation but leave for one day so that I could also attend my ceremony.

Initially, we thought it wouldn’t be possible. I was contemplating what I should do when I got a call with good news – the Mobius team offered to arrange my transportation to my ceremony and back! I told my friends and family and they were shocked; they didn’t quite believe that it was possible because it was so out of the ordinary. I was anxious and excited, relying on the faith that Mobius would take care of me.

It was with that hope that I packed for the rotation and got on the bus to Ft. Polk. It was the scariest night of my life. I didn’t know what to expect of the job and had never traveled outside of the state without my family. But when I arrived, everyone was friendly. My team lead answered all my questions and eased my nerves about whether the travel plan to attend my citizenship ceremony would come to fruition.

Twelve days after I boarded the bus to Ft. Polk, I loaded into the car at 2am with two team leads to drive to Houston for my ceremony. They dropped me off right at the front doors. I was inside for nearly four hours, while the Mobius Team Leads waited for me outside. We had lunch and headed back to Ft. Polk. When we arrived, Mobius welcomed me back with a congratulations cake.

I had an amazing experience working for Mobius. I appreciate the support the team showed and all the effort they took to make such accommodations. I want to thank the whole Mobius family for making it possible for me to become an American citizen. 

-By Khatira Shakir

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