Grant Bakley, Employee of the Year

Grant Bakley, a Military Analyst – Opposing Forces (OPFOR), was recognized as the Mobius Employee of the Year for 2010 at a ceremony held in Quantico Virginia on February 16, 2011.

Grant retired from the Marine Corps in 2007 and after working as a Financial Advisor he joined the Mobius team in December of 2009. Grant works with the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Staff Training Program (MSTP) and in the short time he has been with the organization he has supported three major events in support of MEF/MEB level training. Grant jumped in with only two months experience prior to the I MEF Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX) in February of 2010. Following that success he became a key player in the MEB level Bold Alligator exercise held in December of 2010. During these events Grant was intimately involved in all levels of support from basic Storyline Development all the way through Dynamic Scripting based on Training Audience desires during the actual exercise. Throughout the course of the past year, Grant required minimal guidance and his contributions to the overall Team Effort became known commodities within the MSTP organization. Grant’s success caused him to be known as a “fire and forget weapon” within the OPFOR Section.

In recognition of his impact and effectiveness Grant took on the bulk of the development responsibilities for the II MEF MRX, which was planned and built throughout all of 2010 and which was executed in January of 2011. His overall accomplishments have also resulted in him being named as OPFOR lead for the follow-on Bold Alligator exercise being planned for early 2012.

Grant’s level of effort over the last year, coupled with his overall contributions toward mission success, has made him an integral member of the Mobius Team. In recognition of his contributions to the success and reputation of Mobius, Grant was selected as the Mobius Employee of the Year for 2010.



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