Calvin “Cal” Hughes, Employee of the Quarter

Calvin “Cal” Hughes, serving as a Deployable Virtual Training Environment (DVTE) Analyst with Team Camp Lejeune, was recently recognized as the Mobius Employee of the Quarter for the 2nd Quarter of 2013 for his steadfast devotion to Mobius’ Shared Values at a ceremony held at the II MEF Simulation Center located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on 7 August 2013.

Prior to being rebadged to Mobius’ Team Camp Lejeune, Cal served as a DVTE Analyst with Cubic Applications Incorporated from June 2007 to May 2010.

Most recently Cal was assigned as the Operations Lead for Exercise Emerald Warrior 2013 (EW 13), representing II MEF at all the planning conferences held at Hulbert Field, FL.

While at the Initial Planning Conference, Cal began liaison with the Joint UAS Digital Information Exchange (JUDIE). JUDIE’s charter was to streamline all UAS reporting formats across all branches of service. Cal invited JUDIE representatives to Camp Lejeune to observe EW 13 from the II MEF Simulation Center, thus giving II MEF Marines their first glimpse of the new UAS reporting procedures. Colonel Billy M. Rasnake, US Air Force, Director of JUDIE, sent II MEF Simulation Center a Certificate of Appreciation to acknowledge this effort.

Several units from II MEF, including the 2d Air-Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (2d ANGLICO); 10th Marines; Combat Logistics Battalion 6 (CLB-6); 1st Battalion, 9th Marines; and 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion participated in EW 13 from the II MEF Simulation Center. Cal handled all coordination with II MEF units, from the initial contact and invitation to participate in the exercise to their arrival for training. He suggested and implemented a cohesive “welcome aboard” brief for all participants the day before the exercise kicked off. This welcome aboard brief was recognized as a good way to get everyone’s situational awareness to a high level and will now be integrated into all future iterations of EW and similar exercises. He built all the simulation scenarios used during EW 13 at II MEF, a task that required intense coordination with Exercise Control at Hulbert Field and thorough testing to ensure accuracy.

Cal’s efforts during EW 13 led to 22 Marine Joint Tactical Air Controllers (JTACs) and 14 Marine Joint Fires Officers (JFOs) being trained in just eight training days. In that time, 188 aircraft controls were accomplished in simulation that went towards JTAC and JFO certification. The exercise has been estimated to have saved II MEF $20.3 Million.

The annual iteration of the EW series of exercises is a Special Operations Command (SOCOM) sponsored, Joint National Training Capability-accredited, joint exercise that links simulators with ground simulations. This year’s exercise ran from 23 April to 2 May 2013. At II MEF, the primary focus was providing Marine JTACs and JFOs the opportunity to conduct aircraft controls and to attack targets in the Virtual BattleSpace 2 simulation while linked to various joint aviation simulators across the country. 2013 marked the II MEF Simulation Center’s fifth year of participation in the exercise series with Cal serving as the Operations Lead all five years. Marines training at the II MEF Simulation Center were able to seamlessly coordinate with AC-130s from the 19th Special Operations Squadron, Hurlburt Field, FL; CV-22s from the 8th Special Operations Squadron , Hurlburt Field, FL; A-10s from the 75th Fighter Squadron, Moody AFB, Valdosta, GA; F-16s from the 132nd Fighter Wing, Des Moines ANGB, Des Moines, IA; MQ-1s from the 196th Reconnaissance Squadron, March ARB, Riverside, CA; and MQ-9s from 42nd Attack Squadron, Creech AFB, Indian Springs, NV.

Cal’s conduct, behavior, and actions are tone-setting. He is remarkably dedicated to improving himself and others. This coupled with his overall contributions toward mission success and Mobius’ Shared Values has made him an integral member of the Mobius team.


Pictured left to right front row – Milo Ferrin, Brian Libretto, and Calvin Hughes. Pictured left to right back row – Michael Mulcahy and Justin Santariga.

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