Caleb Nehls, Employee of the Year

We would like to congratulate Caleb Nehls, a Tactics Subject Matter Expert with the III MEF Advisor Training Cell, for being recognized as Mobius Industries’ Employee of the Year for 2011. Caleb was presented the award at a ceremony held on Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan where Caleb has been a key Mobius contributor since joining the team in Japan in 2009.

Over the course of 2011, Okinawa has seen the implementation of several new technologies.  Caleb worked tirelessly to incorporate these emerging technologies into the tactics training scenarios ensuring that he and the rest of team are at the cutting edge of all facets of tactics education (both in mounted and dismounted operations) for our deploying service personnel. Caleb has also developed several Personal Security Detail (PSD) scenarios used as a base for evaluating the knowledge and skills for those Marines going to perform such missions.

Caleb’s high level of output, along with his overall contributions to the team, allowed the Mobius team and the Marine Corps team to jointly realize a much greater level of mission accomplishment and success in training.  Caleb’s dedication to mission success, his integrity, and his commitment to teamwork have earned him, and the entire Mobius team, the respect and loyalty of our customer.

III MEF ATC Team: John Blair, Melvin Allen, Mark Frease, Caleb Nehls, Mike Hudson, Gerald Linker, Nate Hessong, Jon Brady

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