Mobius Industries USA was formed in 2005 by its Owner and President, Jeff Balentine. Here at Mobius, we have achieved great success and take pride in our “Shared Values”: Earning Customer Loyalty, Teamwork, Integrity, and Respect. These Shared Values are simple but highly effective and are the cornerstone of our company. Adhering to these Shared Values has launched us squarely on top of the competition in the market. The simultaneous use of our Shared Values, sound leadership, and experience continues to be the hallmark of our success. We understand that the entire team is what gives us the strength, knowledge, balance and motivation to continuously expand our value to the client. Mobius is proud of its controlled and rapid growth since it was established, increasing from five employees to nearly 250 employees worldwide. This managed growth is very exciting to us and we remain focused on healthy expansion in the future. Mobius is a Veteran-Owned company. Our expertise is in:

  • Premier US military training
  • Battlefield simulation support
  • After-action review and analysis
  • Information Technology (IT) network and systems development
  • “Cradle to Grave” government property control and procurement
  • Support services for government-related agencies
  • Complete functional and subject-matter expertise for commercial, manufacturing and service-related companies
  • Infrastructure support to non-profit organizations.

Mobius links military discipline with business fundamentals to deliver the best imaginable contract performance at the lowest imaginable cost.

Boots on the Ground

Mobius supports the US Department of Defense in live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training service and support. We employ a cadre of mission-critical support personnel in 17 strategic US military bases and training centers. Our services include:

  • Anti-tank Analysis
  • Aviation Analysis
  • C2 Analysis
  • Civil Affairs / Military Op
  • Course Developer
  • Exercise Developer
  • Federation Simulations Analyst
  • Fires Analysis
  • Fires Training
  • Information Assurance
  • Intel Analysis
  • Intel Training
  • IT Network Admin / Systems Admin
  • IT Programming
  • IT Simulations Support
  • IT Systems / Simulations Training
  • Language & Cultural Training
  • Logistics (Warehouse and Government Property Control)
  • Logistics Analysis
  • Logistic Training
  • Maneuver Analysis
  • Medical Training (Combat Life Training)
  • MESL Writing
  • Military Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation Analysis and Design
  • Mortar Analysis
  • OPFOR Analysis
  • Property Management
  • Professional Role Players (Former Foreign Military / Police Experience)
  • Signals Training
  • Software Engineering
  • Tactical Communication Training
  • Tactics Training
  • Technical Writing
  • US Border Patrol Training
  • Weapons (incl. heavy) Training
  • Website Design
  • Website Engineering

Hands-On Leadership and Support

Mobius provides its corporate, civic, entrepreneurial and nonprofit segment customers with a broad range of qualitative and quantitative services. The breadth and depth of Mobius’ award-winning corporate leadership experience brings proven capability to:

  • Strategic planning and management services
  • Client surveys, research and analysis
  • Capability assessment models and leadership development
  • Financial planning, financial controls and systems
  • Internal and external audit readiness, compliance tracking
  • Strategic marketing planning and brand communications
  • Winning at new products–from concept ideation to launch
  • Production modeling, process flow, inventory control.